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I bet there aren’t that many people reading this that can say they can look out of their back window without seeing a plastic shed or storage box in a neighbours garden. Plastic Sheds have become increasingly popular in recent years in the UK and are now considered a real alternative to traditional wooden sheds. Due to their low maintenance, durability and easy assembly it isn’t hard to see why garden owners love them.

In this guide we will be sharing all the important information you need to know about choosing one of the very best plastic sheds for your garden. From size, shape and colour there are a number of things to first consider before you make your final decision. With this in mind our buying guide should help make finding the right one for your needs an easy decision .

How To Choose The Best Plastic Shed

What Size Shed Do You Need?

It is a good idea to think about how much storage space you actually need before choosing your shed. Plastic sheds come in a wide variety of sizes meaning there literally is one for every garden. Even if you only have a small garden with very limited space there should still be one to meet your needs. The most popular size of plastic garden sheds are the larger 8×6 ft and 8×4 ft versions, you can find a lot of models that cater to buyers of these. Then there are the small plastic sheds that are more akin to a storage box. These are very popular and are ideal for storing bikes, garden toys or even your bins.

Does The Colour Matter?

Aside from aesthetics the colour of your shed should also play an important role in your choice. Although plastic sheds are already considered very low maintenance, it does help if you decide to go for a darker colour. Dirt, cobwebs and moss are far more noticeable on a white/cream plastic shed than a brown or grey one.

Top 5 Best Plastic Sheds


Keter Store-It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

keter store it out plastic garden storage shed

This plastic garden storage shed by Keter is the model that has literally taken over gardens in the UK. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Keter Store-It-Out Garden Shed is due to the fact it has a small footprint and offers a decent amount of storage space.

The Good

Perfect for lawn mowers, garden tools, kids bikes and toys the Store-It-out by Keter offers a convenient place to store a wide variety of things. One use that many people find it comes in handy for is storing their bins. It can hold two standard 120 litre wheelie bins meaning you can keep your household waste and garden waste bins out of sight.

The durable weather and fade resistant design ensures this shed will last a good number of years before it shows any sign of deterioration. In terms of upkeep it is very low maintenance and a quick hose down once in a while is all that is needed to keep it in top condition.

You can gain access by either opening up the top panel or the two doors on the front. The floor is made out of a heavy duty material and is sloped for convenience, mainly for wheelie bins.

The Not So Good

Although there is a lock on this shed it isn’t the best even with a good padlock attached to it. The locking mechanism that the padlock attaches to is made out of plastic and it wouldn’t take too much effort to gain access.

Our View

Offering convenient garden storage at an affordable price and with low-maintenance there is a lot to like with this model. The only thing that could make it better is to add a more secure locking mechanism. One thing that we have noticed is that the Store-It-Out Ultra has been upgraded with a secure locking mechanism. It also has enough room for four bike or three 120 wheelie bins.


Keter Factor 4 x 6 ft Plastic Garden Shed

Keter Factor 4 x 6 ft Plastic Garden Shed

Out of all the plastic garden sheds currently available the “Factor” range by Keter comes recommended as our top choice. Offering style and practicality as well as having all the features you get with a wooden shed they are the number one best-selling sheds in the UK.

The Good

The 4 x 6 ft model in the factor series is a popular choice and is ideal for acquiring a nice amount of storage from a small space. Thanks to the clear and concise instructions assembly is straightforward and can be done in relatively short time. Although the manual does say that it takes two people to build, it can be easily assembled by one.

The internal dimensions of 172 (L) x 112 (W) x 209 (H) cm offer plenty of room for a myriad of tools including longer ones like rakes and hoes that struggle to fit comfortably in most garden storage boxes, like the previous featured model.

Featuring a traditional wood effect this shed is designed to look the part. However, the distinct grey colour adds a pinch of modernity keeping it up to date. One feature we really like is the steel reinforcement between the panels giving it durability and making it more secure. The factor 4 x 6 also has a heavy-duty floor panel giving additional support to your heavier items. There is also built-in ventilation and a window between them brining plenty of natural light and fresh air inside.

The Not So Good

There are a handful of customer reviews to be found stating that the overall design is rather flimsy. In some respects we have to agree as some plastic sheds do tend to be quite flimsy, especially when compared against wooden sheds. On the other hand if assembled correctly they are rigid enough and you should have no complaints,

Our View

With the Keter Factor series of garden sheds been our top recommendation we have only positive things to say about them. The stylish design appeals to many and they are far more solid and secure than many alternative brands.


Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage 8 x 6 ft

Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage

Another very popular choice from the Factor range of sheds is the 8 x 6 ft model.

The Good


The Not So Good


Our View


Duramax 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed

Duramax are another very well respected brand with a history of producing high-quality sheds of all types. Their range of plastic sheds come in a wide variety of sizes and offer an alternative to the ever so modern look of a Keter shed.

The Good

The Duramax 10 x 8 ft is one of the larger plastic sheds on the market and it does indeed have plenty of space inside once fully erected. This gives it the ability to be used for more than just an ordinary shed for storing tools and garden equipment. With so much room it can easily be used for a home gym, workshop or even just general storage overflow from the home. In terms of been used as a shed you can pretty much fit one of every garden tool available inside the Duramax, including a ride on lawn mower.

The overall design is very well-built and is as solid and as sturdy as they come. There are three windows allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate the inside. With two tall and wide doors access to your items is very easy and you can fit some quite large objects through them doors if needs be.

The Not So Good

The main concern with a shed of this size is the assembly. It has to be said, that ideally you will need at least two people to build this Duramax shed.

Our View

With a lot of storage space this shed by Duramax is very versatile having enough room for a multitude of uses. Costing only slightly more than the 8 x 6 ft by Keter and having quite a lot more room it also gives good value for money.


Suncast Tremont Four Plastic Shed

Suncast Tremont Four Plastic Shed

The Suncast brand are prized for their premium plastic garages, sheds and storage boxes. With the extra cost comes additional features that you don’t get with more affordable plastic storage sheds.

The Good

With many plastic garden sheds been described as flimsy you might be surprised to hear that the Suncast Tremont Four is far from that. Constructed with the highest quality blow moulded resin and reinforced with steel it is without doubt one of the most well-built models you can buy. Even the roof is made from metal reinforced roof panels.

With dimensions of 8ft 4′ (L) x 7ft 1′ (W) x Height: 8ft 7′ (H) there is a total of 378 cubic foot of storage space, which should be more than enough for most households.  

One very positive feature of this shed is the very secure locking mechanism. With plastic sheds having a reputation for not been the most secure of sheds it’s good to see some metal door handles on one. These are undoubtedly far more secure than the two plastic hoops and strap that most plastic garden storage sheds use.

The Not So Good

With this being a premium plastic shed it come with a premium price tag apart from that it really is hard to find a bad word to say about this shed

Our View

If only the best will do for your garden then the Suncast range is well worth taking a look at. The best thing about this shed when compared to others of the plastic variety is that it has a secure locking mechanism and is very sturdy and robust.

Final Words


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