What Is The Best Cat Scarer For Gardens

As a keen gardener, bird watcher and pond keeper there are a number of reasons that I don’t particularly like cats from entering my garden. It’s not that I don’t like the vicious bundles of joy and their feral ways after all they are quite cute, from a distance. However, they also have a nasty habit of loitering around my fish pond, looking suspicious when near my bird feeders and taking a you know what in my flower beds and plant pots.

One day with this in mind I decided to do a bit of research before deciding on which cat repellent option would be best suited for my needs of keeping them as far away from my garden as possible. Luckily, there are a few different cat deterrent methods to choose from.  In this guide we will sharing everything you need to know about the different cat deterrent options available, as well as bringing you the best cat scarer products in the UK.

 Which Is The Best Cat Scarer


PestBye Ultrasonic Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Repellent

PestBye Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

When it comes to cat deterrents Pestbye are by far the most popular brand in the UK. The Pestbye Ultrasonic Motion Activated Cat Repellent is the best selling product in their entire range. It works by emitting a high-frequency that is undetectable to most humans but sends cats running. It is also very effective at keeping foxes, rodents as well as some insects at bay.

The frequency and sensitivity can both be adjusted for maximum effect making it ideal for problem cats. Featuring an infra-red motion sensor that can detect heat and movement from up to 32 ft away is one of the best-selling points of this particular model. The heat sensor reduces false alarms which in turn extends battery life.

Installation is very simple all you have to do is stick it in the ground. If you prefer there is the option to mount it to a wall or fence etc.

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Super effective and with features that you don’t get with similar priced cat repellants all add up to make this our top recommendation. There is also a solar powered version of this model which costs slightly more but eliminates the additional cost of buying batteries every few months.


Pestbye Cat Repeller Twinpack

Pestbye Cat Repeller Twinpack


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Pestbye Jetspray Animal Repeller


Pestbye Jetspray Animal Repeller

One of the main disdavantages of an ultrasonic animal repeller is that in addition to deterring unwanted animals from your garden they can also affect your own pets. A great alternative to this problem and a lot more fun are water spray repellers. The Pestbye Water Sprayer is another one of the brands most popular cat repellers and best sellers in the UK it comes with very positive feedback from previous buyers.

To setup the water sprayer you simply attach your hosepipe to the water sprayer with a standard hose attachment. Then turn the tap on and plant it in the ground at your desired location. When triggered the sprayer will fire a five second burst of water up to a range of 10 metres covering an area of at least 100 sqm. It then simply resets itself ready for the next  activation.

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If you are a big kid like me then you will find this type of cat deterrent very entertaining. In addition to giving cats a soaking they can also be strategically placed to soak your wife and kids providing endless hours of fun. Apart from that this Pestbye Water Sprayer is made to a high standard and very affordable.


Get Off My Garden Cat & Dog Repellent

cat and dog reterrent get off my garden

Whether it’s as an additional weapon in your arsenal in the battle against felines or as an alternative to water sprays and high-frequencies Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog repellent is a good choice. A bottle contains jelly-like crystals that release a strong odour which has an effect on both cats and dogs sense of smell. Although not an immediate solution as it takes a few weeks for animals to learn to stay away from the treated area it is super effective.

The crystals work in all weather conditions and are suitable for use on concrete, lawns, paving and plant beds. A single bottle can treat an area of 71 sqm. If you have a koi pond these are great for helping to keep cats away from your pond.

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The great thing about this cat repellent product is that it can be used in a targeted manner. If you have a specific area where you may want to keep your own cat away from then it comes highly recommended. In many situations a high frequency cat deterrent isn’t the best option, especially if its your own cat.


Plai Humane Animal Deterrent Spikes

cat deterrent spike mats

Another method that is ideal for protecting certain areas of your garden from unwanted animal intruders are animal deterrent spikes. First of all it is worth mentioning that these don’t hurt animals and are completely safe to use. The spikes are uncomfortable to step on to the point where most animals will stay well clear of them.

These spike deterrents by the Plai brand represent the best value for money coming with six strips each measuring 49 cm x 14 cm. They feature an interlocking design and covering a fairly large area with them only takes a few minutes. Ideal for the tops of sheds lawns, flower beds, vegetable plots, and ponds among others.

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Although spikes are effective they are by no means an all in one solution and in best practice should be used in combination with one of the previously mentioned deterrents. Out of the many spike mats available these ones by Plai offer the best value in terms of coverage.

Different Types Of Cat Scarer

Ultrasonic High-Frequency

In many ways this method of deterring cats from your garden is the most effective. Ultrasonic high frequency animal repellers work by emitting a frequency that is inaudible to humans but very loud to cats and other animals like dogs, squirrels and rabbits etc. Featuring a motion sensor and with good range they are the most popular way of keeping cats out of gardens.

Water Spray

If you have pets of your own then an ultrasonic cat repeller may not be the best choice due to them affecting other animals. To get around this problem the best alternative is a water sprayer. These work in a similar way to ultrasonic deterrents but instead of emitting a high-frequency they spray a jet of water at the target area.

Cat Repellent Crystals

If none of the above option meet your requirements then cat repellent crystals may be the solution. These work by emitting a strong odour that is unpleasant to both cats and dogs. They are very effective and are perfect for protecting fish ponds, flower beds etc.


These sound less humane than they are and actually cause no harm to animals. great for protecting certain areas of your garden they are a quick, easy and cheap way deal with cats.

Final Words

Hopefully, with the help of our reviews you managed to find the perfect cat repellent to deal with your unwanted feline intruders. Our top choice for the best cat scarer has to be the Pestbye Ultrasonic Motion Activated Cat repellent which is both highly effective and very competitively priced. If you are lucky enough to live next door to a crazy cat lady then you might want to think about investing in each and every method, just to be safe 🙂